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Mister "Pelmen". How a lawyer found himself in cookery

During the coronavirus epidemic, many people lost their jobs. But the lockdown, oddly enough, gave them a chance to start their own business. Our protagonist, having two degrees, could have worked as a lawyer or a marketing specialist, but he began making dumplings (or pelmeni) and founded his own brand.


How to make a dumpling business

Oleksandr Kravchenko worked as a marketing specialist before the first lockdown. His work involved the entertainment industry that was hit hard at the time. Therefore, Oleksandr had to find himself a new occupation. Dumplings came to his mind. And here's why: in his family they were made very well. One grandmother was from Siberia, the other one—from Greece, and she cooked for noisy weddings and other festivities. He combined two signature family recipes and made his own dumplings—from thin delicious dough with original chicken fillet filling.

He sold his first order through Facebook: he just posted a photo of the dumplings he made for his children and asked who wanted to taste them. The first client was a familiar programmer who recommended the company Mister Pelmen to other people. For the first six months, all orders were hand-made and the CEO of the company cooked them in his kitchen. Now Mister Pelmen employs several professional chefs. The company has a dough sheeter and other professional equipment.

How to score a success

The main thing is to honestly do business for yourself and for clients. If you cook food, then cook it as if for yourself. For example, hand-made dumplings are always tastier, because the machine can crumple the ends and make the dough thick. Ideally, the dumpling dough should be 1mm thick.

The second important point: every day you need to do something that promotes your business project. These can be new products, recipes, promotions, etc.


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