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New tourism. How to vacation in a tree house


Closed borders encourage Ukrainians to look for new places for vacation in their native country, and the owners of the tourism business—to come up with something interesting. For instance, an unusual guesthouse was recently opened near Kyiv. This is not just a house in the forest, but a hut on a tree.


Mariia Falter and Svitlana Kolpakova, co-owners of the treehouse at Treehouse Lodge, told in the TV spot of The Page's partner, the program Persha Shpalta, about how the new hotel works and who will enjoy such a vacation.

What the tree house can offer

The two-storey house has all the necessary amenities, electricity, cold and hot water, internet, and an alarm system for the safety of guests. There are utensils for various needs, towels, hairdryer, bedclothing. The house has a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms in the attic, as well as a balcony and a terrace with a barbecue area. The "highlight" of the guesthouse is a shower behind glass overlooking the forest.

The building was made using a special technology, so the tree on which the hotel settled was not damaged by its construction. Another "trademark" is that the wood the house was constructed from is treated with natural linseed oil—this technique conveys the wood texture and scents the house.

Who the vacation in the tree house is suitable for

The tree house is the perfect place to self-isolate. Even the service fosters this: no contact with people—only nature. And this is what attracts guests. Vacationers pick mushrooms here, walk in the woods. And they take care of themselves—they chop wood, fire up the stove, cook. This is also a "highlight" of the hotel.

Such a vacation is ideal for people who are tired of the city and want some privacy. And also for those who dreamed of a tree house in childhood. It is here that you can make your childhood dream come true and find yourself in a fairy tale. Also, the house is rented by groups of friends who are nature lovers. The house can accommodate a maximum of six guests.

How to get to the hotel and how much does it cost to stay

Another feature of the tree house is a difficult route: one can only get here by car. The guesthouse is located in the Buchansky district of the Kyiv region in the very forest. The cost of accommodation per night is 7,900 UAH (on weekdays), 8,900 UAH (on weekends), 9,900 UAH (on holidays).


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