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Fish farm near Kyiv: how black caviar is produced in Ukraine

An enterprise operates near Kyiv, where fish from the sturgeons is farmed and black caviar is produced from them. Yuri Yaremenko, CEO at the research and production agricultural enterprise Bester, spoke about how the fish farm works in the story of The Page’s partner—the program Persha Shpalta.

How black caviar is produced in Ukraine (video):

How fish is farmed in Ukraine

The fish farm is located on the Kaniv reservoir. There are nurseries where several species of fish are raised. The farm has a full production cycle operating on the principle: from caviar to caviar. In nurseries, fish are raised, fed, examined, weighed, etc.

The most popular for farming, according to Yaremenko, are sterlet (four species are presented), Siberian sturgeon, Russian sturgeon, their hybrid Rusosib, beluga, as well as a hybrid of sterlet and beluga. The most expensive of them is the beluga—it takes 19-20 years for its sex maturity. It is then that caviar can be obtained from it. At the same time, five to six years are enough for the Dnipro sterlet.

Quote"Fish are born on our farm. From a free embryo, it turns into a fish, and then we obtain caviar from it," the director of Bester says.

Stages of black caviar producing

Black caviar is produced in a separate workshop. The fish must arrive there alive. Each fish has a chip or clip so that it can be identified if necessary. The brought fish first gets into the "wet zone". From there it is sent through a special window to the "dry" one and undergoes quartz treatment. The caviar obtained is rubbed, washed with certified water, salted, placed in jars and evacuated. A small jar of caviar costs 800 UAH.

Bester works according to the HACCP standard (International Food Safety System). The company supplies its products to Europe, USA, and Australia. The demand for the company's products in the Ukrainian market and abroad is growing every year.

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