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Earning money on birds: how to set up a quail farm and how much income it brings

To set up a quail farm in Ukraine, $20,000—$30,000 are needed. It starts to bring profit from the first year of operation, and fully pays off in three to five years.

Quail farm in Ukraine (video):

Andrii Shmatok, co-owner of the quail farm Dychyna operating in the Cherkasy region, told The Page’s business partner, the program Persha Shpalta, about this. The farm grows almost 10,000 quails and other birds (pheasant, guinea fowls, etc.) of various breeds, differing in the number of carcasses and the size of eggs. Only five people take care of them.

Quote"A business is profitable if you deal with everything comprehensively—sell edible eggs, meat, and poultry. Then, at any time, you can sell products in any form and get your 15-20% on top," says the farmer, adding that he sells meat in bulk for 150 UAH per kilogram, and a carton of eggs—25 UAH.

How to set up a quail farm

According to Shmatok, to set up a quail farm from scratch, you need to purchase a cage, food and water—if the birds are mature. If it is young, then the setting up will cost a little more. Thus, first you need an incubator, after that the bird is placed in the next cage—a brooder, where there is a warm floor and a comfortable temperature for it. When the chickens grow up, they are moved to another cage—without heating, but with such a floor that they do not damage their legs. They stay in it for up to 23 days, and then they move into an ordinary cage, where they live, eat and mate.

The farmer also notes that the right approach to feeding will help save money. Thus, at the first stages, you can make feed yourself—there are many recipes on the Internet from factories that offer to make feed yourself (it will cost 5-10% less).

Quote"It’s important to find market acceptance if you don’t want to do this business only for yourself and your family," he adds.
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