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New buildings in the suburbs of Kyiv: prices are going up, but still 30% cheaper than in the capital

The average cost per square meter in new buildings in the suburbs of Kyiv has increased to 19,500 UAH—500 UAH more than the September figure.

According to experts, in contrast to pre-pandemic times, now the distance plays an ever decreasing role when choosing a housing complex. Due to the greater opportunity to work remotely, the buyer focuses more on comfort, and not on being bound to Kyiv.

According to the statistics of the website LUN Misto, as of October 1, a square meter in complexes at a distance of 5-10 km from Kyiv has gone up in price most of all—+1200 UAH. Here the average price reached 21,000 UAH/sq. m, almost equal to the square meter in the nearest suburb up to 5 km—21,100 UAH/sq. m.

New buildings 20 km from the capital have also gone up in price—18,000 UAH/sq. m (+300 UAH), but so far they are significantly lagging behind in price from the rest.

The village of Sviatopetrivske showed the highest growth dynamics of +1200 UAH—18,700 UAH / sq. Irpin increased by 600 UAH per square meter—21,400 UAH/sq. m. Gostomel, Vyshhorod, and Boryspil added 500 UAH each—18,000 UAH/sq. m, 22, 100 UAH/sq. m, and 18,000 UAH/sq. m.

The city of Vyshneve went up in price a little less +1100 UAH—23,000 UAH/sq. m., Sofiivska Borshchahivka added in price +400 UAH—20 800 UAH/ sq. m, Brovary "grew up" by 300 UAH—18,000 UAH/sq. m, and a square meter in the village of Hatne has went up in price by 200 UAH—19,200 UAH/m.

A square meter in the village Bilohorodka fell in price by 800 UAH—15,100 UAH, and Bucha also lost 100 UAH—19,000 UAH/sq. m.

According to the President of the Association of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine Yuriy Pita, since the growth rates of prices in Kyiv and its suburbs have become equal, the competition between the capital and its satellites will only intensify in the next 3-4 years.

Now, according to the Association, more than 45% of the demand in the primary market of the Kyiv region is concentrated in the suburbs. On average, the difference in the cost of housing in apartment buildings in Kyiv and nearby cities is about 25-30%. But these are measurements on average, excluding classes. However, almost 20% of high-class new buildings being raised in the suburbs, the price is already higher than in the capital.

"This refers to the high-quality housing complexes of new formats, offering potential buyers, along with high standards of urban life, objects of the "comfort +" category. And this is the creation of a multifunctional infrastructure, well-thought-out layouts, and all other advantages that are embodied in the safety and comfort of living, low-rise buildings, as well as great recreational opportunities," the specialist noted.

Oleksandr Kryknytskiy, director of the real estate agency Stargorod, noted that 1- and 2-room economy-class apartments are in the greatest demand.

"Prices for apartments in the suburbs are significantly cheaper than in Kyiv, and in terms of comfort and related infrastructure, this housing has all the comforts. Therefore, people choose comfort for less money and work remotely, or head to work in Kyiv," he said.

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