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How to register an apartment in a new building?

The final stage of the process of purchasing an apartment in a new building is obtaining a title deed. After that, the data is recorded in the State Register and the buyer becomes the sole and absolute owner of the dwelling. The registration process is regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 25, 2015 No. 1127 "On State Registration of Rights to Real Estate". This document contains outlined basic conditions and a mandatory list of documents that must be submitted for successful registration.

What documents are required to register the strata title?

Collecting a package of documents is the longest stage in the process of buying an apartment. It is worth making sure that all the necessary papers have been collected and the technical passport of the residential property has been correctly drawn up.


To successfully complete the procedure of registering an apartment in a new building, one must present the following documents:

  • Homeowner's passport;
  • Unique Identification Number (UIN);
  • Technical passport of the apartment;
  • Property transfer act;
  • Investment agreement and additional agreements for the apartment;
  • Investment tax receipt;
  • Documents on the commissioning of an apartment building and assignment of a postal address to it.

Where and how is the registration of an apartment in a new building carried out?

New buildings in Lviv offer potential buyers a wide choice of good apartments at optimal prices. Often, developers offer clients to carry out a collective registration procedure together with other owners of apartments in a residential complex.

Of course, this method has advantages—one does not need to submit documents to the state registrar oneself. And yet, this option also has some drawbacks—the high cost of services, indefinite terms, and possible problems with paperwork.

Often, buyers choose the option of self-registration of rights to an apartment because it is not only cheaper, but also faster. The buyer has the opportunity to apply for registering ownership of housing in a new building to:

  • Private lawyer;
  • State notary;
  • Administrative Services Centre.

After checking the full package of documents, the registrar sustains the application and makes a decision on confirming the ownership of the housing. To complete the procedure, the registrar makes an appropriate entry in the "State Register of Proprietary interests in Real Property". Subsequently, the owner is given an extract (excerpt) from the register confirming the ownership of the apartment.

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