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The popularity of smart apartments has grown in Ukraine: what is their benefit and what disadvantages do they have

Ukrainians are increasingly giving preference to smart apartments—small rooms ranging from 18 to 25 square meters where the kitchen is connected to the room.

As stated in the video of The Page's partner—the program Persha Shpalta, this is due to the fact that, despite the crisis, housing in Ukraine in the past rose in price by 7% in the primary and 10% in the secondary market last year.

Who buys smart apartments

Quote"There are a lot of people in Ukraine now who invest in real estate. These are both Ukrainian citizens and foreign investors. The payback period for renting a smart apartment is six years. Now smart apartments are popular in the capital—this is confirmed by the sales statistics", said Oleksandr Turchin, head of the sales department of the residential development 4U.

Smart apartments disadvantages

However, low-budget apartments also have disadvantages. It is about close proximity with a large number of people and the difficulties of renovation and furnishing due to the non-standard sizes of the housing. There may also be problems with household registration, so when buying an apartment, you need to make sure with the developer that you are buying a housing unit, and not part of a converted technical one, as well as review the documents and check the developer.

Quote"If the developer had problems with commissioning before or had long-term construction, this is a signal that it is better not to take risks," explained the real estate market observer Victoria Bereshchak.

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