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Strike on Odessa, new weapons from partners, and financial assistance from U.S.: Highlights on war in Ukraine as of April 23-25

War in Ukraine: Top news as of April 23-25. Photo: Collage by The Page

War in Ukraine: Top news as of April 23-25. Photo: Collage by The Page

The 61st day of the war against the Russian occupiers continues in Ukraine. The Page has compiled business, political, and economic news that will help you learn more about the situation in the country that has been fighting for its right to exist for more than two months.

The major developments of these days were:

  • Ukrainian defenders regained control over 8 settlements in the Kherson region, the Operational Command "South" reported. "Our units from the positions of observation posts regained control over 8 settlements of the Kherson region," the report says.
  • The Ukrainian Armed Forces struck a forward army-level command post of the Russian invaders in the Kherson region. The post housed about 50 senior officers and, possibly, the army commander.
  • On April 23, at about 02:35 p.m., the invaders attacked Odesa with cruise missiles. According to the latest data, six persons died, including a three-month-old baby. 18 persons were injured. Two persons were rescued from the rubble, 86 persons were evacuated. 96 persons and 18 pieces of equipment the State Emergency Service were involved in the rescuing operation. According to the military, the missiles were launched from Tu-95 strategic aircraft from the Caspian Sea region. Two missiles were shot down, two missiles hit a military facility and another two hit residential buildings.


  • The Russian occupiers have begun forced mobilization, including healthcare workers, in the occupied territories of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Kharkiv regions, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports. The possibility to leave these territories in the direction of the Russian Federation is significantly limited. In the Zaporizhzhia region, Russian servicemen and FSB officers are looking for people of military age.
  • The Netherlands, together with Germany, will send armored self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine, the RTBF TV channel reported, citing Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren. According to her, consultations on this subject with the German side are at the final stage. Ollongren did not specify how many systems will be sent to Ukraine. The TV channel reports that these are self-propelled howitzers capable of hitting a target at a distance of 40 to 50 km, and reminds that at the beginning of the week the Dutch government announced plans to send heavy weapons to Ukraine.
  • Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg noted that Ukraine should not be offered EU membership. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to this statement. The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Nikolenko noted in a commentary to the Interfax-Ukraine agency that the ministry was disappointed with such a statement by the Austrian politician. Nikolenko also noted that Ukraine has every reason to demand objective recognition of its merits and strategic role for the EU.
  • The United States is preparing to send Stinger anti-aircraft systems, Javelin anti-tank missile systems, and other equipment to Ukraine in April, the US Department of Defense stted. "Our US Air Force Airmen prepare supply crates containing Stinger anti-aircraft systems, Javelin anti-armor systems, and other equipment bound for Ukraine at Dover Air Force Base in April 2022," the US Department of Defense tweeted on Monday.


  • The US will allocate an additional $713 million to finance the military sector in Ukraine and 15 other countries, of which Ukraine will get $322 million. The U.S. also approved selling ammunition worth $165 million to Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during an unannounced joint visit to Kyiv with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin. The remaining funds in the amount of $391 million will be distributed among the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the Balkans that sent weapons to Kyiv.
  • The Ministry of Economy has published a new average cost of gasoline and diesel fuel (DF), on the basis of which the marginal price of fuel sales at filling stations at the end of April should be determined. Taking into account the trade margin, the maximum price for "usual" gasoline for sale through a chain of filling stations should not exceed 34.1 UAH/liter, for "usual" diesel fuel — 38.66 UAH/liter. Compared to mid-April, the price of gasoline increased by 0.23 UAH/liter, for diesel fuel — by 1.01 UAH/liter.


  • Respublika Park (Kyiv) resumed full-scale work on Sunday, April 24, according to a post on the SEC Facebook page. In particular, the following stores will reopen: LC Waikiki, New Balance, Welfare, Ecco, Skechers, Intertop, Timberland, Legit, Defacto, Sandalini, Calvin Klein, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, Walker/Stem, Diesel, Under Armor, Mexx, etc. Samsung, Comfy, Foxtrot, Eldorado, Allo, and BS partner BOSCH work as well. Multiplex is waiting for its visitors. Silpo and food court work as well.
  • Zaporizhzhia Metallurgical Plant Zaporizhstal belonging to Rinat Akhmetov’s and Vadym Novynskyi’s Metinvest after iron smelting begins steel production as part of the partial withdrawal of the plant's divisions from the hot suspension mode, the company's press service reported.
  • On Sunday, April 24, as a result of shelling, the Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant was damaged, the Donetsk regional prosecutor's office reported. Once again, one of the largest enterprises of the coke-chemical industry in the state, PJSC Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant, was under the occupiers’ fire. The third battery of the first coke shop, cogeneration plant, and separation shop were damaged," the Facebook post reads. Full information about the damaged infrastructure is being updated.
  • Nova Poshta opened branches in Irpin and Bucha. The company plans to mass open branches in the Kyiv region until May 1, and from May 15, almost the entire chain will work in the region.
  • Context. We have already reported about the updates in the chronicle of the world’s economic war against Russia as of April 25th.
  • In addition, The Page covered the combat losses of the Russian invaders as of April 25, 2022.

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