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Plans to raze Azovstal to the ground and Henkel leaving RF: Highlights on war in Ukraine as of April 19

The Page collage

The Page collage

The 55th day of the war against the Russian invaders continues in Ukraine. The Page has compiled business, political and economic news that will help you learn more about the situation in the country that has been fighting for its right to exist for almost two months.

The major developments of the day are:

  • The Russian Federation leadership gave the order to raze the Azovstal plant in Mariupol to the ground. An audio interception of a conversation about the order was posted by the Security Service of Ukraine. The invaders are not deterred by the fact that the civilian residents of the city, including many children, found refuge in this plant.

  • Citizens of Ukraine can again cross the border only with an internal passport. Earlier, the State Border Service decided that for going abroad (there are exceptions), a passport is needed again. This caused discontent, given the difficult situation with the mass exodus of people in wartime.
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

As a result, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that again only the internal passport can be used for leaving the country. At the same time, Ukrainians were warned that a foreign passport may be necessary during their stay outside Ukraine, therefore, those who have such an opportunity are advised to issue it before leaving.

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

  • MPs of the Kyiv City Council propose to dismantle 60 monuments and memorial sites that are part of the USSR heritage. The project was initiated by the MPs Alina Mykhailova and Kseniia Semenova.

If the decision is approved, the commemorative signs will have to be dismantled within 60 days and deposited with the district state administrations for the future museum of totalitarianism.

The list includes, for example:

  • the image of Vladimir Lenin on the obelisk Hero City Kyiv on Prospect Peremohy (lit. Victory Avenue);
  • the USSR coat of arms on the shield of the Motherland Monument;
  • monument to General Vatutin;
  • monument to Mykola Shchors;
  • monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya;
  • monument to Alexander Pushkin;
  • Soviet tank on Prospect Peremohy.


  • Japan will give Ukraine a certain number of drones. In addition, Kyiv will get masks and suits of nuclear, biological and chemical protection from Tokyo, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reports.
Quote"The struggle of Ukrainians for their country still continues, so the Ministry of Defense will continue to provide maximum support to Ukraine," the Japanese said.
  • A law came into force in Moldova prohibiting the use of the St. George ribbon, as well as the signs Z and V — the document was signed by Moldovan President Maia Sandu.

The leader called on Moldovan politicians to refrain from speculation and provocations on this issue. For violating the ban, individuals face a fine of $250-500, legal entities and government officials — a fine of $500-1000.

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced giving Stormer armored missile launchers to Ukraine, whose 17 Starstreak missiles can attack Russian aircraft and helicopters at low altitude, The Sun reports.
Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Experts called them "the best kit" given to Ukraine by any Western state. 13-ton high-tech launchers may be sent to Kyiv in a few days. For control, a crew of three is needed — a driver, commander, and gunner.

Quote"They will allow President Volodymyr Zelensky’s army to speed into positions at 50mph, fire, then get away fast," the outlet reports.

Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British troops in Afghanistan, warned:

Quote"This news will anger Moscow which is already threatening retaliation against the West — especially Britain — for supplying weapons."


Photo: facebook.com/NationalBankOfUkraine

Photo: facebook.com/NationalBankOfUkraine

As reported in the document of the central bank, the NBU, among other things:

  1. undertakes to return to the inflation targeting regime with floating exchange rate formation;
  2. will fund only critical government spending;
  3. will maintain its own institutional, financial and operational independence;
  4. will actively oppose Russian aggression on the financial front;
  5. will help to address problems of Ukrainian refugees;
  6. will maintain significant engagement with the government to help raise external funding and implement reforms in Ukraine.
  • The UK tax authority, HMRC, announced its intention to abolish the status of the MOEX Moscow Stock Exchange. This was reported by the website of the British government.
Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

This decision means that investors will not be able to access UK tax benefits when trading securities on MOEX, however, the investment will be protected.

Quote"As we continue to isolate Russia in response to their illegal war on Ukraine, revoking Moscow Stock Exchange’s recognised status sends a clear message – there is no case for new investments in Russia," Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Lucy Frazer, stressed

The British also explained that such a decision stems from the restrictions that the Russian Federation has imposed on foreign investors.


Photo: starlink.com

Photo: starlink.com

  • Starlink is preparing to open an office in Ukraine. This was announced by the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

He noted that to date, more than 10,000 stations help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be in touch and carry out special operations, but soon this technology will become available to all Ukrainians. In addition, they must go through the necessary procedures for certification, measurements, and the provision of frequencies.

Photo: henkel.ua

Photo: henkel.ua

  • The German manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemicals Henkel leaves the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the company’s press release, this decision was made amid the current developments of the war in Ukraine.
Quote"Henkel condemns Russia's war against Ukraine and the violence against innocent civilians. Our priority remains to do our best to support our colleagues in Ukraine," said CEO Carsten Knobel.

Currently, there are 11 enterprises operating in Moscowia. The company, among other things, is the owner of such brands as Persil, Bref, Laska, Losk, Fa, Taft, Moment, Ceresit, etc.



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