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Historic decision: US Congress starts considering Lend-Lease for Ukraine

The US House of Representatives is considering bill No. 3522 on Lend-Lease for Ukraine. At present, it was decided to consider it under a closed procedure, and some amendments were passed according to the official website of the Congress.

In addition, the House of Representatives announced an hour-long debate on the merits of the bill.

At the same time, the account of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Twitter has already reported that the vote took place, referring to the beginning of the debate.


Some Ukrainian Telegram channels even gave the number of votes — 230, but there was only a vote for submitting the project for consideration:

Quote"Providing for consideration of the bill (S. 3522) to provide enhanced authority for the President to enter into agreements with the Government of Ukraine to lend or lease defense articles to that Government to protect civilian populations in Ukraine from Russian military invasion, and for other purposes; and for other purposes," the resolution text reads.

What Lend-Lease is and what it will give Ukraine

The Lend-Lease program was a system according to which the United States handed over munitions, equipment, food, and strategic raw materials, in particular petroleum products, to its allies in World War II, partly on a grant basis.

It allows the de facto donation of equipment, with clauses stipulating that the recipient countries pay the cost to the United States at a later date. Great Britain, for example, made the last payment under this system 10 years ago.

As the Americans make a historic decision — for the first time since World War II, when this bill allowed the US to supply weapons to Britain, and through Britain to the USSR — The Page explains what Lend-Lease is and why it matters:

  • The document gives the US President enhanced powers. With these powers, he can hand over or lease defense means to Ukraine to protect the population from invasion and other purposes;
  • After the act is passed, the White House is obliged within 60 days to establish accelerated procedures for the delivery of defense equipment to Ukraine.
  • The law will simplify and speed up any deliveries from the United States because it provides for simplified procedures for lending, supplying and transporting weapons, but only to Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe;

The program will remain in effect until fiscal year 2023, that is, until October 1, 2022, but it can be extended.

Back then, it was precisely such a law that saved the USSR from defeat by the former Nazi allies, with whom they had been capturing Europe together for two years. And already in the summer of 1941, after Hitler's attack on the Soviets, Stalin demanded from Great Britain and the United States all possible weapons and the opening of a second front.

It was then that the decision was made to supply the USSR with weapons through the Lend-Lease program, and the Soviets ensured that the Allies themselves had to deliver them to the warring territories.

In the battle for Moscow, a third of the tanks and 16% of the fighters of the Red Army were received from the West.

Under the Lend-Lease, the Soviet Union got:

  • 15,000 aircraft;
  • 7,000 tanks;
  • 376,000 trucks;
  • 51,000 jeeps;
  • 15 million pairs of combat boots, etc.

In general, under the Lend-Lease program, the Soviet Union got $ 11 billion in assistance.

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