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Poland warns of the likelihood of hybrid attacks against Ukraine

Mariusz Kaminski, Minister of the Interior and Administration of Poland, stated that, according to the Polish side’s estimates, there is a fairly high likelihood of hybrid attacks against Ukraine. He assured that Poland is ready to resolutely stand on the side of supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. This was discussed in his telephone conversation with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrskyi.

Quote"We are aware of possible scenarios for further developments that can be realized against Ukraine in order to explode the stability of our state, to diffuse its attention and strength, and also, in some way, to worsen its relations with Poland and the EU," Monastyrskyi said.

He also shared the details of the special border operation Polissia. It was pulled off to prevent illegal activities by foreigners on the Ukrainian section of the border with the Republic of Belarus. He also mentioned that the Cabinet of Ministers had allocated 175 million UAH to strengthen the protection of the Ukrainian border.

In turn, the head of the Polish law enforcement agency reported on a temporary de-escalation of tension, as well as obvious signs of a change in the tactics of the actions of emigrants trying to break through the Belarusian-Polish border, storming it in different places in small groups.

Context. The migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border has been ongoing since August. Warsaw accuses Minsk of specially created migration pressure as part of the hostile hybrid actions against Poland and the EU.

In early November, the situation escalated critically. At that time, about four thousand migrants set up tent camps near the border, and now they make attempts from time to time to force a breakthrough across the border. Poland declared a state of emergency near the border and pulled in troops there to guard it.

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