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Shelling green corridors and intimidating population: Highlights about war in Ukraine as of March 15

Obstruction of evacuation: Highlights about war as of March 15. Photo: Photo: Collage by The Page

Obstruction of evacuation: Highlights about war as of March 15. Photo: Photo: Collage by The Page

The twentieth day of the war against the Russian invaders in Ukraine continues. The major developments of this day were the possible imminent default of Russia, as well as the Russian army’s obstruction of the civil evacuation. At the same time, the invaders shelled the Zhytomyr region.

Russia’s default

Russia may default on March 16, as it will be necessary to pay the coupon in dollars, that has little chance of working under the current sanctions, Bloomberg reported.

According to the agency's forecast, there are three possible options for Russia's default. The first is if Russia pays off the dollar obligations that will temporarily avert a debt crisis until April 4, the next due maturity dates for dollar bonds.

The second option assumes that Russia will redeem dollar bonds in rubles, which will be perceived by investors as the impossibility of fulfilling obligations and the country's default.

The third option is if Russia refuses to pay. The country will have a 30-day grace period, otherwise there will be a classic hard default.

Evacuation from Mariupol

As of 14:00, it is known that 2,000 cars left Mariupol. Another 2,000 cars are parked on the way out of town.

People follow the route Mariupol—Mangush—Berdiansk-Tokmak-Vasylivka-Zaporizhzhia, where they can get the necessary help.

As a result, on March 15, about 20,000 people were evacuated from Mariupol through a humanitarian corridor.

There are also corridors from Sumy, Trostianets, Lebedyn, Shostka, and Konotop in the direction of Poltava.

Russian army interferes with work of green corridors

The Russian military fired at the bus during the evacuation of civilians from Izium. Currently, the number of victims and the extent of damage are being determined .

The invaders did not stop shelling in the Kyiv region as well, which disrupted the work of humanitarian corridors in the region.

The convoy with humanitarian cargo intended for the residents of Mariupol also remains blocked.

Shelling in Zhytomyr region

As a result of air attacks in the Malyn district of the Zhytomyr region, a woman was killed, two more people were injured, private houses and industrial premises were destroyed.

According to the police, around noon on March 15, missile strikes hit the industrial premises of two enterprises in Malyn, as a result of which the workshops were destroyed and damaged, information about the victims is being specified.

Operational investigative groups of the Malyn police department are working on the ground, the circumstances and consequences of war crimes are being recorded.

Russian troops intimidate residents of temporarily occupied territories

Russian invaders are using tactics of intimidating residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, said Lyudmila Denusova, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada.

In particular, in Enerhodar, Russian militants turned off the hazard alarm system for the population, and attacks on residents continue. Also, when inspecting cars, Russians break the wind screen if it is tinted and also confiscated mobile devices.

In Trostyanka, Sumy region, Russian invaders are driving local residents into fake green corridors and trying to use them to create human shields.

In Trostшanka, Sumy region, Russian invaders herd local residents into fake green corridors and try to use them to create human shields.

Armed Russian soldiers also break into houses, break windows, doors, and tell people that if they do not leave their homes, it will be worse, and that they need to leave for the territory of the Russian Federation.

Residents of the temporarily occupied Kherson region are sent messages with threats and demands to cooperate with the "new government".


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