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New Chancellor of Germany: How Normandy Format to change

What will happen to the Normandy Format. Photos from open sources

What will happen to the Normandy Format. Photos from open sources

After the election of the new Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, the question arose how this event would affect the Normandy Format and Ukraine. International expert Ruslan Bortnyk commented on the possible changes to The Page.

According to the expert, the Normandy Format will not change after the election of a new Chancellor of Germany:

Quote"German politics will retain some continuity. Moreover, Scholz was a member and one of the heads of Angela Merkel’s government."

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany is indeed a new figure, but the role of the MFA in Germany is the same as in Ukraine—the auxiliary one to the leader (the Chancellor or the President).

Quote"I think that Germany will try to revitalize these negotiations, but a radical change in approach and course should not be expected. Although the position of Germany may become a little more critical in relation to Russia," Bortnyk added.

Context. Angela Merkel served as Germany’s Chancellor for 16 years. Now Olaf Scholz, the 63-year-old German politician and statesman, member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), will replace her.

Since 2018, the politician has served as Vice Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and Head of the Ministry of Finance of Germany in Merkel’s coalition government.

395 MPs voted for Scholz's candidacy, 303 voted against, six abstained.

Reference. The Normandy Format is a meeting of the leaders of four states (Ukraine, Germany, France, and Russia) the issues related to Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine are discussed at. The last time the Normandy Four held an online meeting was in November 2020. The next meeting was planned while Merkel was still in office, but Russia refused to participate in the summit.

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