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Zelensky’s administration has supported the king of Jordan, against whom a plot was being prepared

Ukraine expresses support for Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the Office of the President has stated.

"Disturbing news from Jordan. We fully support King Abdullah. We are confident that he guarantees stability, security and development of the state. We are looking forward to the details of the events and wish the people of Jordan peace and prosperity," the OP has said.

Prior to that, the Jordanian authorities detained the former crown prince of the kingdom and about 20 other people as part of an investigation into "threats to the country's stability," The Washington Post (WP) reported, citing its sources.

Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the eldest son of the late King Hussein and his fourth wife, was placed under house arrest. Kingdom authorities are investigating an alleged plot to overthrow his older half-brother, King Abdullah II, a senior Middle Eastern intelligence official said, WP writes.

The authorities believe that at least one other member of the royal family was involved in the plot, as well as tribal leaders and representatives of the country's security forces.

Prince Hamzah had been crown prince of Jordan for four years before the title was passed on to the current king's eldest son.

An intelligence spokesman described the plotters' plan as "well organized" and said that they apparently had had "foreign connections."

Washington fully supports the official Jordanian authorities and considers King Abdullah II a key partner, according to US State Department Spokesman Ned Price.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, and the League of Arab States have also announced their support for the current king of Jordan.

Additionally. The third wave of coronavirus and the increase in the number of patients around the world forced countries to close borders again. Jordan is still open to Ukrainians.

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