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The invaders deployed Grad launchers at the ZNPP: Energoatom is awaiting a new provocation

The Russian occupation army continues to break all the rules and regulations of nuclear and radiation security at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, over which it retains control. Energoatom employees noticed signs suggesting that the invaders are preparing to stage new provocations at Europe’s largest NPP.

Specialists of the company detected that Russians deployed a few Grad MLRS launchers at the station near one of the power units and the dry spent nuclear fuel storage.

Quote"The most probable provocation that is being prepared is shelling of the other bank of the Dnipro river, namely the cities of Nikopol and Marhanets, by these Grad launchers directly from the ZNPP site using the "shield" of the power units and the spent nuclear fuel storage," the message from the company suggests.

Energoatom reiterated its call to the global community and the IAEA to create a safety zone inside the ZNPP and around it on condition of its complete demilitarization and deoccupation.

Context. The IAEA has already established a permanent group of its specialists at the Zaporizhzhia NPP temporarily occupied by the Russian army. However, it doesn’t prevent the invaders from shelling the plant regularly, which occasionally results in its complete deenergizing. The Ukrainian staff of the plant is still held hostage there.

During the massive missile attack on November 23, most of the regions of Ukraine were left completely without power. In particular, power supply was lost in the regions where all the Ukrainian NPPs are located. Although the power plants themselves were not damaged by the attack, they experienced an emergency shutdown, and all their power units were disconnected automatically.

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