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Preparing to resume flights: Wizz Air changes baggage fees and other charges

Low-cost airline company Wizz Air has changed the cost of check-in baggage carriage, as well as the amount of other mandatory and additional charges.

At the same time, it lowered the minimum and increased the maximum amount of fees for the carriage of check-in baggage weighing 10, 20, and 32 kg. If earlier the carriage cost of small check-in baggage, depending on the season and demand for the flight, ranged from 9 to 57 euros, now this fee will be from 5.5 euros to 88.5 euros.

The calculation of baggage fees depends on the travel date (high or low season), the method of payment (online, call center or at the airport) and the baggage weight.

The airline has also raised the maximum booking fee. Previously, it was 8 euros, but now its cost will range from 8 to 13 euros.

Additionally. In autumn, new rules for air transportation and passenger and baggage services came into force in Ukraine. They provide for broader powers of air carriers. Carriers can independently set the start and end time of check-in for the flight, the boarding end time for passengers, as well as independently determine their policy regarding the carriage of hand luggage.

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