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What the Council of Europe thinks about possible wartime elections in Ukraine


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe doesn’t press Ukraine to hold elections in a time of war. Mariia Mezentseva, chairperson of the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE, told this to The Page during the 2023 International Sustainability Forum.

Quote"You will see, we will vote on a resolution on the relevant topic. And according to previous consultations, there is no call: "Hold elections tomorrow," Mezentseva noted.

She emphasized that elections must be safe and organized in a democratic manner.

Quote"We are all aware that elections, for example, parliamentary elections, will not be held this fall, and neither this winter. It will probably be the fall of 2024, for example. I do not highlight specific deadlines," said Mezentseva.

Earlier, The Page reported that more than 100 non-governmental organizations urged not to hold elections in a time of war. They believe this idea to be extremely dangerous.

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