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Ukraine prepares documents for launching tribunal on RF crimes

What the status of preparing the tribunal on the RF crimes is. Photo: president.gov.ua

What the status of preparing the tribunal on the RF crimes is. Photo: president.gov.ua

Ukraine has promptly prepared the documents for the earliest possible launch of a special tribunal to investigate the crimes of Russia against Ukraine. This was stated during a briefing by Deputy Head of the President’s Office Andriy Smyrnov.

Quote"Currently, consultations are being held with partner states and international organizations, and the optimal format for the establishment and operation of the tribunal is being determined," he said.

Smyrnov noted that the idea of establishing a special tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine was supported by hundreds of European and world intellectuals, leading international lawyers, public figures who signed a statement on the need to establish it.

He said that daily work on the Book of Executioners is being carried out in coordination with the President's Office together with the Ukrainian pre-trial investigation bodies, intelligence agencies and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. This is a set of information about every Russian war criminal involved in the war and atrocities committed and being committed in Ukraine.

Quote"A huge amount of information is being researched and verified, which will later be available to our citizens and the entire civilized world," Smyrnov said.

In addition, according to him, the Office of the President together with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine have developed mechanisms to recover funds from the Russian Federation frozen abroad to compensate for losses.

Quote"We have several plans to achieve this. The main one is the signing of an international agreement, which will provide for the lifting of immunity from the funds of the Russian Federation and directing them to the affected citizens and legal entities, as well as the restoration of infrastructure. Plan B is the enactment of the relevant law in each jurisdiction where funds have been frozen. In some countries, such bills have already been registered," Andriy Smyrnov explained.
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