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Westinghouse can fully provide Ukraine with nuclear fuel in two years—Kotin

The electrical engineering company Westinghouse can meet the needs of NNEGC Energoatom for fuel for 13 existing WWER-1000s in two years if such a need arises.

This was stated by the head of the NNEGC Petro Kotin in a comment to the outlet Energoreform during a visit to the Central Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel.

"If we are talking about our 13 WWER-1000 power units, then 7 of them are already supplied with Westinghouse fuel, and 6 are still supplied by the Russian side. Currently, we have fuel, I would say, for 2-2.5 years, considering what is already in the reactors. It is these terms that are enshrined in the agreement with the American company that, if necessary, it will increase its production within two years and cover all our needs," Kotin said.

As for the provision with Westinghouse’s fuel of the Rivne NPP’s WWER-440s, the first trial batch of six fuel assemblies will be delivered in 2025.

By this date, it is also planned to be licensed by the Ukrainian nuclear regulator, the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU).

"In this situation, the ball is not on the side of SNRIU, but on the side of Westinghouse. We are ready to take fuel for WWER-440 next year, but it is not ready to supply it so far. Under the agreement signed with it, the first batch will come in 2025. This fuel will be ready by that time, and during this period our regulator will also license it," the head of the NNEGC noted.

Recall that at the end of 2021, SNRIU began to analyze the materials of Energoatom on the use of Westinghouse’s fuel for RNPP’s WWER-440s. Its supply was previously announced for 2024.

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