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AFU to get three additional M270 MLRSs from Norway

The Norwegian Ministry of Defense announced its decision to hand over three M270 multiple rocket launchers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As the country's Defense Minister explained, these systems would be removed from storage and need to be modernized. The United Kingdom will deal with this issue. That is, the MLRS promised to the Ukrainian army will first go to London, and only after that — to Kyiv. In total, Norway has 12 M270s in storage.

Moreover, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense promised to give another 5,000 rounds to Ukraine.

M270 MLRS specifications

  • combat weight — 25 tons;
  • length — 6.85 m;
  • width — 2.97 m;
  • height — 2.59 m;
  • crew — 3 persons;
  • number of missiles — 12×227 mm, or 2 MGM-140 ATACMS:
  • rate of fire — 18 shots/min.;
  • cruising action — 480 km;
  • maximum speed — 64 km/h.

The firing capabilities of the M270 and M142 HIMARS systems are the same, since they carry the same launch cluster (it’s just the M270 has two of them). The difference is in the type of chassis and technical stuffing (M142 HIMARS is much newer). Both systems can fire unguided missiles up to 45 km, guided missiles — up to 70 km, and ballistic missiles — up to 300 km.

Context. Recall: On June 23, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov announced that the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems had already arrived in Ukraine.

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