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Russia announced the troop withdrawal from the borders of Ukraine

Minister of Defence of Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu announced the end of "verification activities" in the Southern and Western Military Districts of the country on the border with Ukraine. He said this in the Russia-occupied Crimea following the results of the troop actions, writes the news agency TASS.

"I believe that the objectives of the snap exercise have been fully achieved. The troops have shown the ability to provide reliable defense for the country. In this regard, I made a decision to complete verification activities in the Southern and Western Military Districts," he said.

Shoigu also ordered the troops of the Military Districts to start the process of return to their permanent dispositions from April 23. He ordered them to return by May 1, 2021.

"To return the military personnel of the 58th Army of the Southern Military District, the 41st Army of the Central Military District, the Seventh, 76th Airborne Assault and 98th Airborne Divisions of the Airborne Forces to their permanent dispositions by May 1, 2021," he said.

In addition, he "ordered to be ready" for an immediate response in the event of an unfavorable development of the situation in connection with NATO exercise Defender Europe, RIA Novosti reports.

Context. Earlier, The Page reported that in Crimea, the number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine turned out to be more than military experts had expected.

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