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Vitrenko promised the gas market price below 7 UAH until the end of 2021

Yurii Vitrenko. Photo: UNIAN

Yurii Vitrenko. Photo: UNIAN

The interim Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yurii Vitrenko stated that until the end of 2021 the gas price for the population will not exceed the current level, that is, 6.99 UAH per cubic meter.

He stated this at the Forum "Ukraine 30", Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"We will not allow the gas price to increase until the end of the year... There will be competition. Suppliers must compete with a lower cost. We will not even establish any administrative restrictions, we just want to create such a structure of the market, such a design of the market, to fight against misuses in order to make the prices different in a market way. However, they will not be higher than 6.99 UAH per cubic meter."

Yuriy Vitrenko

Yuriy Vitrenko

Acting Minister of Energy

At the same time, Vitrenko noted that, given the conjuncture of the European market, prices may increase, but the Ukrainian government will not allow growth, since it is now working on a sustainable solution that will make it possible to ensure that people do not pay more than 6.99 UAH per cubic meter for gas until the end of 2021. UAH per cubic meter. In particular, it is planned to ensure free access to the market for gas of own production as an annual product for sale to the population by suppliers.

Context. Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the maximum gas price at 7 UAH per cubic meter. The maximum cost of gas distribution was also set—1.8 UAH per cubic meter.


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