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Emergency vaccine against coronavirus: Rada has agreed to preclinical vaccinations

The Verkhovna Rada is going to grant the Cabinet of Ministers the right to register vaccines against coronavirus before the completion of clinical trials under certain conditions.

The adoption of the corresponding draft law No. 4613 was supported by 318 deputies.

According to the draft law, it will be possible to register vaccines if there is evidence of successful preclinical trials, and clinical trials are conducted with the permission of the relevant authorities in the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, China, Israel, India, Mexico, Brazil, or the EU.

At the same time, vaccines’ registration before the clinical trials are over is possible only if the potential benefit of the medication is known, and there is no adequate, available and approved alternative.

Only under these conditions can a vaccine be registered for emergency medical use until the manufacturer completes clinical trials.

Context. The Minister of Health said that the coronavirus vaccine will become available on the commercial market in the summer. At the same time, the national vaccination plan against COVID-19 provides that all citizens will be able to receive the vaccine for public funds.

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