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The Ministry of Health has begun an extraordinary vaccination, but not everyone will be able to get vaccinated: how to get on the list

Public figures will be able to get the coronavirus vaccine out of turn. But this is only possible if there are leftover doses of the vaccine. However, this will help popularize coronavirus vaccinations.

The main reason for this decision is the limited time of use of the vaccine after opening the vial. This was reported by the press service of the Public Health Centre.

Thus, one vial of Covishield vaccine contains 10 doses of the medication and must be used within 6 hours after opening. The session of the mobile brigade lasts the same length.

An open vial cannot be re-freezed, so unused doses will have to be disposed of. Therefore, the Ministry of Health allowed to vaccinate public figures, cultural and sports figures, leaders of religious communities out of turn.

So, it is possible to get vaccinated out of turn if:

  • the refusal of vaccination is recorded among those people who had previously agreed to be vaccinated;
  • contraindications to vaccination are identified in persons who came for vaccination;
  • the number of people vaccinated on the day of the mobile brigade’s work is not enough to fully utilize all open vaccine vials.

The Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said that 45,000 Ukrainians have already signed up on the waiting list for vaccination against coronavirus through the application and portal Diia.

Context. In Kyiv, on February 25, the process of vaccination against coronavirus began with an аanalogue of the Oxford/Astra vaccine—Covishield.

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