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UNITED24 platform raises $26 million in support of Ukraine in first week: What countries donate the most

For the first week of work, the Unified State Web Portal United24 for collecting donations in support and for the rebuilding of Ukraine received $25,804,580.00 to the NBU accounts.

The holder of the portal United24 and the exclusive property rights of intellectual property is the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and the technical administrator is the state enterprise Diia.

According to the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, donations came from 72 countries of the world. The most active donors were Western partner countries: the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, Germany, as well as Ukraine.

Quote"In addition, $735,673 was raised through the partner fund Ukraine House. Another $362,379 came in cryptocurrencies through payment company Whitepay. They will be transferred to the NBU accounts soon," the Minister said.

In the first seven days, the funds accumulated in the NBU accounts. Now they will be distributed by the Ministries according to the most important needs of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation promises to publish the first report of the Ministries on the purpose and distribution of funds in one week, on May 19th.

Recall that through the United24 global platform, both ordinary citizens and charitable and volunteer funds, international companies, and influencers around the world can make donations.

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