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Ukroboronprom has disclosed details of cooperation with Bell Textron

The state concern Ukroboronprom has developed a roadmap for mastering the production of a Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter. This is a separate product, a multipurpose medium-class transport and passenger helicopter.

"I am confident that with the new concern team, we will finally be able to implement this project. The roadmap will be presented to the management of the concern in the near future", the press service quotes the Director of the aviation plant Vitalii Yukhachov.

Reportedly, the helicopter's crew will consist of two people, and the board will be able to accommodate up to 13 passengers. The machine can be used as a transport, fire, rescue, ambulance helicopter and the like.

This project is an investment one, therefore, the attraction of funds from the state budget at the first stage is not required. Localization of the production is also planned over time.

The enterprise is able to manufacture a demonstrator helicopter already for the Independence Day of Ukraine. At the same time, the non-disclosure agreement does not allow either party to disclose the details of the existing agreements.

As reported, Ukroboronprom announced preparations for launching the licensed production of UH-1 Iroquois helicopters at the Odessa Aircraft Plant.

However, on March 3, the American helicopter manufacturer Bell Textron published information that negotiations on a licensing the production of helicopters had not yet been completed, although the company was ready to cooperate.

Context. Negotiations on SKD assembly of helicopters between the Odessa Aircraft Plant and Bell Textron have been going on for several years. Back in 2017, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Ukroboronprom and the American side to organize the production of helicopters in Ukraine. Later, the Odessa Aircraft Plant entered into a corresponding general agreement with the American partners.

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois is a multi-purpose helicopter from Bell Helicopter Textron, also known as the Huey. One of the most famous and popular machines in the history of helicopter construction. The first flight took place in 1956. Serially produced since 1959. The total run is 16,000 machines.

SE Odessa Aviation Plant is one of the oldest aviation enterprises in Ukraine and Europe, established in 1911. It specializes in repairing of MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39 aircraft; modernizing of MiG-21 and L-39 aircraft; repairing units of MiG-29, An-12, An-24, An-26, and Yak-40 aircraft; repairing of aircraft engines of various brands and their units; service maintenance; manufacturing of spare parts, and personnel training.

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