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Czech Republic limits humanitarian benefits to displaced persons from Ukraine

The Parliament of the Czech Republic decided to limit the humanitarian benefits to Ukrainian displaced persons fleeing Russian military aggression.

This is reported by Czech Radio.

The Upper House of the Parliament (the Senate) supported the limitation of the CZK 5,000 (200 euros) humanitarian benefit to Ukrainian displaced persons.

Quote"The amount will no longer be credited if the Czech state provides refugees with free accomodation, food and hygiene products. The measure is directed against "benefit tourism," the decision reads.

The state will also verify whether refugees registered in the Czech Republic live at the addresses they declared. Humanitarian aid, starting from the second month of stay of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic, will be credited according to the place of permanent registration.

Czech legislators also changed the rules for accommodating Ukrainian refugees in dormitories: accommodation of refugees in temporary dormitories can last no longer than 3 months, and in temporary premises, such as gyms or tent camps — no longer than one month.

The document has yet to be signed by Czech President Miloš Zeman.

The outlet points out that in May the Czech authorities decided to conduct a census of the displaced persons. As of May 15, temporary protection visas have been issued to 342,000 displaced persons from Ukraine. Regional and municipal administrations had to collect the necessary information by June 15.

As reported, from May 31, 2022, an application for additional financial assistance from international organizations may also be submitted on the eDopomoga social platform.

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