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Ukrainian Roskomnadzor? The Ministry of Digital Transformation proposed to regulate the Internet

Photo: unsplash / @linkedinsalesnavigator

Photo: unsplash / @linkedinsalesnavigator

The Ministry of Digital Transformation believes that it is necessary to create an independent Internet security regulator in Ukraine. According to the director of the European Integration Directorate of the Ministry, Gulsana Mamedieva, the matter concerns the new body creation that will protect the users rights.

She said this during the international conference "Safe Online 2020: Modern Challenges", reports the agency Interfax-Ukraine.

Quote"The new regulator must protect the users rights on the Internet, have the authority and ability to implement its decisions regarding the content blocking and removal," she said.

According to Mamedieva, now Ukraine and its international partners, namely the UK, Australia, and Germany, are developing new approaches in order to overcome threats on the Internet. This issue was raised by the pandemic and showed the need to solve this problem. She also added that no country has yet established a regulatory framework for this.

In Russia, for example, Internet safety is monitored by Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media). But if the department’s main functions are control and supervision in the field of mass media, including electronic and mass communications, information technology and communications, as well as control over the personal data processing compliance, then according to Mamedieva, the new regulatory model in Ukraine implies the need for proactive action (in particular, blocking or removing content) to prevent terrorist content and content that has sexual exploitation and child abuse.

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