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Ukrainian Defense Industry produces dozens of Ukrainian Shaheds each month, says Kamyshin

Each month, Ukrainian Defense Industry produces tens of uncrewed aerial vehicles similar to the Iranian-made Shahed kamikaze drones.

Oleksandr Kamyshin, Ukrainian Minister for Strategic Industries, said this during a yearly meeting of the European Business Association.

According to the minister, the defense industry is the one that makes a significant contribution to Ukraine’s economic growth and should become the country’s leading sector in the future.

Quote"The defense industry has to become our economy’s main sector for decades."
Quote"From what we call the "Ukrainian Shahed", the name of which we cannot disclose, but it’s safe to say we’ve established serial production and produce dozens each month now, and to many other items, which we produced in very small amounts before, and now we have considerable numbers," said the minister.

He added that even multifold production upscaling is not always enough for the government.

Quote"We will be satisfied by a tenfold or greater upscaling. We have it in many areas," he explained.

Kamyshin also said that Ukrainian Defense Industry had started active work to root out corruption:

Quote"Three heads of state-owned factories have lost their jobs, with the fourth one on his way. But our goal is to rid the defense industry of all people who are unworthy of this profession."

The minister noted that there are no plans to integrate private businesses with Ukrainian Defense Industry since state-owned factories are working and investors are developing the private sector.

Quote"Today, many drone producers have seen the opportunity to get the resources they cannot find independently from one of the state-owned factories," he said.

For example, a service center at a state-owned factory may help small private drone manufacturers. According to Kamyshin, this is one example of the way the government facilitates development with its resources.

Quote"In this regard, the Ukrainian Shahed was made at a state-owned plant," the minister said.

Earlier, we reported that German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has joined the Defense Industries Alliance.

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