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Ukraine has designated the terms of compensation for Nord Stream 2

Ukraine does not carry on formal talks on compensation in the event of the Nord Stream 2 completion, but will be guided by the principles of security and ensuring that Russia will comply with the agreements if it comes to that. Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said this to journalists on the sidelines of the forum Ukraine 30. International Politics on July 5, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

"We are working according to "plan A" and are not negotiating compensation. But, having in mind the possibility of a "penalty shootout", we have formed two principles we can talk about compensation with," he explained.

The first one is the principle of security, how the security of the state will be guaranteed. The second one is ensuring the implementation of agreements. "It is possible to come to an agreement with Russia, and even Germany can guarantee something in these agreements, but how to make Russia comply with the agreements is a question there is no answer to," Kuleba said.

The Head of the MFA explained that in diplomacy there is a rule "nothing has been agreed upon until everything has been agreed." "The same is with Nord Stream 2: nothing is completed until everything is completed," he noted.

According to the Minister, the key theme they are talking about with partners is Nord Stream 2 creating challenges and threats to security. The key question is how to compensate for the loss of security for Ukraine. "Since it is very difficult, we say that it will be better and calmer for everyone if you simply do not launch Nord Stream 2," Kuleba stressed.

Context. Russia will complete the construction of Nord Stream 2 by the end of the year: Ukraine is afraid of losing gas transit. The Page has been figuring out what is happening around SP 2.

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