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Ukrainian coins have been shortlisted for the international Coin of the Year competition—PHOTO

Two Ukrainian commemorative coins are among the top 10 coins of the world, according to the international Coin of the Year contest. They won in two categories: the Best Contemporary Event Coin and the Most Artistic Coin, the National Bank of Ukraine reports.

The 2022 Coin of the Year (COTY) is an international award given for artistic vision and craftsmanship in numismatic design. This year, the panel of judges was choosing the winners out of nearly 2,300 coins from 40 countries across the world minted in 2021. At the first stage, the 100 best coins were chosen (10 coins in each of the 10 categories), including seven Ukrainian commemorative coins. Among the winners in the 10 categories, the Coin of the year is chosen in the final round, NumismaticNews explains.

The Most Artistic Coin was awarded to the 30th Anniversary—Ukraine’s Independence ₴5 coin made of nickel silver. The coin design depicts Ukraine: endless picturesque fields in the form of stylized ornaments, over which storks fly, and a colored embroidered ribbon symbolizing the nation’s code, and resembling DNA. This coin was designed by prominent Ukrainian artist Oleh Shupliak. The coin was engraved by Volodymyr Atamanchuk, while its computer-aided design was done by Yurii Lukianov (both are employed by the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works).


The ₴10 silver coin entitled "The 25th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Constitution" won in the Best Contemporary Event Coin category. The coin’s composition shows a solved puzzle, the outlines of which consist of microtext containing quotes of some articles from the Ukrainian constitution, while human silhouettes on the coin symbolize the Ukrainian people. This coin was designed by Kyiv artist Vladyslav Yarovyi, while its computer-aided design was done by Yurii Lukianov.

Other categories were won by the following coins:

Most Historically Significant Coin

The United Kingdom, 50 pence, silver: 100 Years of Insulin


Best Gold Coin

The United States, $100, 1 oz, gold: American Liberty


Best Silver Coin

China, 20 yuan, silver: Auspicious culture—Swans


Best Crown Coin

Canada, 20 dollar, 1 oz, silver: The Grey Wolf—Black and Gold


Best Circulating Coin

Canada, 10 cent, nickel-plated steel: 100th Anniversary—Bluenose


Best Bi-Metallic Coin

Austria, 25 euro, silver + niobium: Smart Mobility


Most Innovative Coin

Austria, 20 euro, silver: The Milky Way


Most Inspirational Coin

Tokelau, 20 New Zealand dollars, silver: The Next Evolution. Love.


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