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Traffic jams, triple tariffs, and lack of special passes: how is the first day of transport lockdown going in Kyiv

From April 5, a new strict lockdown has begun in Kyiv. It will last at least until April 16. Schools and kindergartens have now closed, and only those who have special passes can use the metro and public transport.

The Page has collected all the information about the traffic situation in Kyiv.

Traffic jams on April 5

As of 9 am, there were 8-9 point traffic jams on the Kyiv roads on the most important transport arteries of the city.


The situation did not improve much even at 11 am. Therefore, it can be expected that there will be traffic jams all day on April 5. Especially during rush hours.


Taxi prices on April 5

In addition to traffic jams, taxi prices have become another problem for the citizens of Kyiv. Popular services Uklon and Uber have risen their prices at least threefold. Thus, a trip that previously cost 150 UAH has now grown to more than 500 UAH. In some cases, the cost of a taxi ride exceeded 1,000 UAH.


This situation on the roads has caused outrage among citizens. In particular, they accuse taxi drivers of abuse of the situation. However, taxi drivers cannot raise taxi prices themselves, but the companies regulate them. Pricing depends on the demand for the route. And given the excitement caused by the situation with the transport work, it is not surprising that prices have jumped so much.

Problems with special passes in Kyiv

Another problem for the citizens of Kyiv are the unprinted passes that should provide the right to use public transport. The Department of Infrastructure of the Kyiv City State Administration printed 437,000 special passes for using public transport.

In total, about 500,000 of them were printed, but this number was not enough for everyone. Therefore, the administration had to urgently print another 100,000 special passes. And on April 5, it is planned to issue 63,000 passes.

However, many people had to take a taxi anyway, because they did not have enough passes. The Kyiv City State Administration promised that everyone will receive a pass on April 5-6.

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