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Italian FH70 howitzers already on frontline. General Staff publishes photos

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that Italian trailer self-propelled howitzers FH70 155-mm caliber are already destroying russian occupants.

The weapons that Italy handed over to Ukraine has several important features:

  • on-board Volkswagen engine with a volume of 1700 cc to power the hydraulics and assist in bringing into combat and decommissioning (with manual pump),
  • can move up to 20 km without towing by artillery tractor,
  • high rate of fire — the howitzer can make up to six shots per minute, almost every 10 seconds,
  • electronic display of shooting data, which takes data from conventional azimuth and altitude sights.

Context. Italy announced their decision to transfer FH70 howitzers as part of the third package of military aid to Ukraine in mid-May.

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