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Boryspil removed the endoscopes at the entrances. But these are not all airport problems for travelers

Boryspil Airport removed the endoscopes at the entrance to Terminal D to reduce queues. Now employees will only check the passport and ticket. After all, only passengers can enter the building. In addition, all entrances are now open around the clock at the airport, the press service of the airport reported.

In particular, the new Director General of Boryspil, Oleksiy Dubrevskyy, noted that the airport heeded the comments and wishes of the clients. That is why the airport management decided to remove the endoscopes.

At the same time, the absence of the endoscopes at the entrance will not free passengers from control, they will still have to go through metal detectors, and their luggage will be checked in X-ray machines.

Moreover, such control practices are not used in Europe, and this experience in Istanbul shows that the endoscopes or X-ray machines at the entrance do not protect the passengers in the main building from intruders.

The main problems of the Boryspil Airport

However, there are still two problems the airport has—the road to the airport and the express train from Kyiv to Boryspil.

Now the road to Boryspil is being repaired, the way to the airport is planned to be completed by August 20. Then the road to Kyiv will be repaired. By the end of the renovation work, the traffic on the motorway will be difficult. Therefore, passengers who use a car should leave for Boryspil airport 1-1.5 hours in advance.

In addition, an alternative way to get to the airport—Kyiv Boryspil Express—has become a problem. Ukrzaliznytsia has launched an express train as an alternative to Skybus buses. The train makes stops at the stations Vydubychi and Darnytsia and in a situation when the highway to Boryspil is being repaired, it is the only option to get to the airport at a more or less predicted time.

The key disadvantage of the express trains is that the line uses old cars in which the air conditioning does not work well when it is hot, the seats are very tight and there is little room for luggage.

Context. The endoscopes and X-ray machines appeared at all entrances to the terminals in Boryspil in 2014. Such innovations were inconvenient for people and resulted in queues at the entrance. The situation got worse during rush hour.

With the onset of the pandemic, the situation has worsened even more. As part of the economy, the airport reduced at that time the number of open entrances and exits to one at off-peak hours on each floor. As a result, people had to stand for 15-20 minutes just to enter the terminal.

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