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Ministry of Internal Affairs provides an estimate on building wall on Ukrainian-Belarusian border

The Ministry of Internal Affairs have calculated that the construction of a full-fledged fence, at least on the most dangerous areas of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, will cost the Ukrainian budget 7 billion UAH.

Quote"The length of the 10 most dangerous areas for mass crossing by illegal immigrants from the north is 270 km out of the total 1,084 km border with the Republic of Belarus. Closing these 270 km alone with at least the simplest engineering fence—Egoza spiral razor wire—requires 189 million UAH. And all the full engineering arrangements (a ditch, an anti-vandal fence, observation towers, and a frontage highway) of the border with Belarus—7 billion UAH," Anton Shevchenko, Director of the Ministry's Department of Communications, says.

He recalls that there is an agreement on readmission between the Ukrainian and Belarusian sides. It was signed last year. According to the document, illegal immigrants who came from Ukraine to Belarus or vice versa should be expelled back, and the country they came from is obliged to take them back. Shevchenko adds that Minsk abrogated a similar agreement with the European Union.

Context. The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrskyi stated earlier that the most vulnerable areas of the border between Ukraine and Belarus would be strengthened by additional forces of the State Border Service, the National Guard, and the National Police. He also shared the plans to build a wall with a length of one thousand kilometers on the border with Belarus as part of the Big Construction program. According to him, the project will be implemented in 2022.

Recall: since 2014, Ukraine has taken up the construction of a fence with Russia, the project was named "The Wall". According to the estimates of the State Border Service, 2 billion UAH has already been spent on setting up the eastern border from September 2014 to May 2021. Despite the numerous corruption scandals related to the Wall, the department notes that during the specified period of time, they have set up about 400 km of an anti-tank ditch, 330 km of a frontage highway, 70 km of razor wire, and 100 km of a metal fence.

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