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WHO predicted the beginning and duration of the third coronavirus wave in Ukraine

A new wave of coronavirus in Ukraine will begin at the end of August and will last until winter, the Head of the (World Health Organization) WHO Country Office in Ukraine Jarno Habicht said in an interview with UNIAN.

At the same time, Habicht noted that it is difficult to give an exact answer about the beginning of a new coronavirus wave. However, based on data on vaccinations, the spread of coronavirus and all the activities of the health system, the bureau predicts that relapses of infections and hospitalizations will begin in late August—early September.

The situation will depend on government actions and the vaccination scale. The WHO also called on Ukrainians to get vaccinated before the Delta strain spread.

Context. In mid-July, WHO announced that the world was in the early stages of the third coronavirus wave. Besides the fact that the Delta strain has become dominant throughout the world, there are problems with the distribution of vaccines in different parts of the world.

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