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The Postup Foundation has used agricultural drones to demine the Kharkiv region—video

Agricultural drones were used to clear mines from 50 hectares (~123 acres) of farmland in the Kharkiv region. The experimental project was launched by the Postup Charity Foundation and the Demining of Ukraine Charity Foundation.

Agricultural drones demining farmlands in the Kharkiv region—video

The process is based on an innovative approach and involves visual inspection as well as thermal and magnetic scanning using UAVs.

Inventions developed by the Demining of Ukraine foundation are used for mechanical demining. The Agrosem company provided equipment for testing.

Quote"This is the first work of our system as part of the full cycle of territory clearance. We need to understand the real effectiveness of magnetic scanning for speeding up the clearance of mines and other explosive items from fields," said Vlad Kozak, the founder of the Postup Foundation.

According to him, the team has been improving its system during the last six months to obtain high-quality data from aeromagnetic surveys. This information should help deminers detect mines hidden under the ground and the vegetation cover and ensure their safety during the clearance of fields.

Yan Artiukhov, head of the technical demining team at the Demining of Ukraine foundation, noted that explosive devices are mainly located under the ground.

Quote"Our combined efforts will help significantly speed up the process and clear Ukraine of mines in shorter terms," he stressed.
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