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The G7 countries struck an agreement to deprive Russia of sources to finance its war against Ukraine

The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan, and France formed an alliance at the Nuclear Energy Forum in Sapporo, Japan, to undermine Russia’s grip on supply chains and the nuclear fuel market as soon as possible, thus cutting off one of its sources of financing its war against Ukraine. To that end, the countries will use their own nuclear energy resources.

Quote"This is the next vital step, uniting with other countries to show Putin that Russia isn’t welcome anymore, and in shoring up our global energy security," underscored Grant Shapps, the United Kingdom Energy Security Secretary.

A few days after the illegal invasion of Ukraine, the United Kingdom took immediate measures to sanction Russian oil and bust the flow of income for the Russian regime.

The agreement reached at the Nuclear Energy Forum at the G7 in Sapporo will facilitate swift progress, ensuring the secure supply of uranium fuel through the development of shared supply chains that isolate Russia. The member states have to come together to address dependencies on Russian fuel as the world turns increasingly to nuclear as a source of low-carbon and secure energy.

Quote"The UK has been at the very heart of global efforts to support Ukraine, defeat Putin, and ensure neither he nor anyone like him can ever think they can hold the world to ransom over their energy again," said Grant Shapps.
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