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The first museum ship will appear in Ukraine

Corvette Vinnytsia

Corvette Vinnytsia

Minister of Defence Andriy Taran made a decision to transform the training corvette of the Naval Forces Vinnytsia into a museum. This will be the first museum ship in Ukraine.

Thus, the Ministry of Defense wants to preserve one of the last representatives of Project 1124 corvettes as an example of shipbuilding of the 1970s for history.

Currently, the issue of transferring the corvette as a museum item to the Central Naval Museum is being considered. The ship-museum is planned to be placed on the 8th berth in Mykolaiv.

Context. Vinnytsia was built as a small anti-submarine ship of project 1124P for the border troops of the USSR at the Zelenodolsk shipyard in Tartary. It was launched on September 12, 1976. Under the name Dnepr it participated in the protection of the state border, the economic zone of the USSR and fishing industries near the coast of the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea.


МПК проекта 1124

In June 1992 it became a member of the Naval Units of the State Committee for the Protection of the Borders of Ukraine. At the end of 1995, the ships of project 1124P (Dnepr and Izmail) were transferred to the Ukrainian Navy. The ship became known as a corvette and was renamed as Vinnitsa.

The ship took part in many multinational trainings. On November 11, 2007, it was caught in a storm and sustained serious damage to the stem.

On March 22, 2014, it was captured by Russian special forces. The Ukrainian crew went ashore in full force. But then its commander refused to continue serving in the Ukrainian Navy and accepted Russian citizenship.

On April 19, 2014, the corvette was returned to Ukraine. It was taken in tow to Odessa.

In recent years, the ship has been actually inoperative.

The Ministry of Defense will finance the construction of one corvette for the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of 3.8 billion UAH in 2021. The funds will go to the construction of the Ada-type corvette that was developed in Turkey.

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