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«Sweden will do its utmost to contribute to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements», H.E. Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine

Ukraine is the pivotal country in the EU Eastern neighbourhood. This was emphasized by H.E. Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine Mr Tobias Thyberg during the interview with YouTube channel KYIV NOT KIEV.

His Excellency noted that anyone, especially in Sweden, who works with Eastern Europe matters, understands that Ukraine is of enormous importance.

«I feel every single day that I'm living in a country which is at war», the Ambassador said. And although armed conflict is taking place only on one part of Ukrainian territory, it is impossible to forget about multifaceted hybrid war waged by Russia. Mr Thyberg told about his visit to Avdiivka alongside the Ukrainian president. Things that he saw there made him look at this conflict differently.

«Sweden will do its utmost to contribute to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements», the Ambassador assured. According to him, during Sweden's presidency in the OSCE, the organization will focus on the peacemaking process in the Donbas region. Mr Thyberg recalled the limits of possible actions of the OSCE, as the lack of consensus among members could hinder the possibility to address problems effectively. The Ambassador notes that Sweden's approach to progress is "healthy realism" and names two crucial areas of the OSCE work for Sweden in Ukraine: the situation of the civilians and human rights violations.

Context. KYIV NOT KIEV is a weekly news video project hosted by Tetiana Gaiduk and Polina Boichuk, leading TRUMAN Agency experts specializing in strategic communications and diplomacy. The show covers the most important Ukrainian political, economic, and cultural events and their analysis and includes video interviews with key opinion leaders and experts dealing with topical importance issues.

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