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Subsistence minimum: three quarters of Ukrainian pensioners are below the poverty line

77% of Ukrainian pensioners are below the humanitarian poverty line.

Lyudmyla Denysova, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, stated this in an interview with the agency RBC-Ukraine. She explained that now the actual Subsistence minimum in Ukraine (about 4,700 UAH) is two times less than the legal one (2,189 UAH).

According to her, in 2020, an especially large number of applications regarding the labor compensation and the size of pensions was received. At the end of last year, the state's arrears of wages increased from 2.4 billion UAH to 3.13 billion UAH.

Quote"For three years the Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers had not convened to discuss this issue, and only after our intervention, the Cabinet had created an interdepartmental working group. And only at the end of October it gathered to somehow resolve this issue. But there is still a long way to go before resolving it," she summed up.

Контекст. Ранее мы сообщали о том, что исследования международных организаций показали рост уровня бедности в Украине в 2020 году на 50% — на текущий момент он составляет свыше 19 млн человек.

Context. Earlier, we reported that research by international organizations had shown an increase in the poverty level in Ukraine in 2020 by 50%. Currently this figure is more than 19 million people.

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