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SSU has reported suspicion to the former MP Semenchenko and the "outside NABU agent" Shevchenko

The Security Service of Ukraine has stopped the activities of a paramilitary armed formation not provided for by law, the so-called private military company (PMC).

According to the SBU, it consisted of about 150 peopleю. The formation operated under the guise of security firms and public organizations.

The training of PMC members took place at a specially equipped training base in the Kyiv region. Also, some of the company's members studied at training centers abroad.

The case file shows that control and coordination of the organization's activities were carried out by 15 citizens of Ukraine. They, in particular, recruited potential participants, preferring former military personnel and law enforcement officers with experience of participation in hostilities.

Investigators received information about the contracting between PMC and representatives of various organizations in the Middle East. Also, proposals were recorded to organize the supply of weapons to these countries.

According to the investigation, the organizers of such activities were the former People's Deputy of Ukraine Semen Semenchenko and Yevhen Shevchenko, known in the media as an "outside NABU agent".

According to the investigators, Semenchenko and Shevchenko are possible organizers and participants in an illegal scheme for the import of military spare parts and dual-use goods from the Russian Federation outside customs control. These goods were subsequently sold to state defense enterprises at inflated prices.

They and other organizers were informed of the suspicion under Article 260 of the Criminal Code. The issue of choosing a preventive measure is being resolved.

SSU officers conducted about 80 searches in the capital, Kyiv and Donetsk regions.


During the search, the following items were seized:

  • 5500 rounds of ammunition;
  • 7 RPG-26 anti-tank rocket grenades;
  • 4 under-barrel grenade launchers;
  • Kalashnikov light machine gun;
  • 2 automatic rifles;
  • 3 pistols and 3 Kalashnikov assault rifles;
  • 7 pump-action shotguns;
  • 38 VOG-25 grenade launcher rounds, 21 grenades


Financial and other documentation was also seized.


Additionally. The SSU announced suspicion of high treason and violation of the equality of citizens to Anatoly Shariy—the blogger who lives in Spain and the chairman of the political party Party of Shariy.

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