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Aggravation in Donbass: Two fatalities and nine wounded in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the past 24 hours on September 11, two servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed as a result of 14 shelling by pro-Russian militants in Donbas, another 9 were wounded, and one received a combat injury. This was announced by the press center of the JFO headquarters.

The health of three soldiers is of moderate severity, the health of rest is satisfactory.

The shelling was carried out from the 122-mm caliber artillery systems, hand-held and automatic heavy grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, 120-mm mortars, and small arms.

The militants also fired at Novohnativka. As a result, a private building and the surrounding area were damaged. There are no casualties among the local population.

In the area of the settlement of New York, they dropped 82-mm mines from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In the Donetsk region, two flights of unmanned aerial vehicles of the Orlan-10 type crossing the demarcation line were identified.

Additionally. The invaders continue to violate the agreements on the weapon withdrawal in Donbas. This refers to 20 howitzers, 8 tanks, and 6 multiple launch rocket systems. Armaments and equipment were found even in three residential areas.

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