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Sinovac told why they chose Ukrainian Lekhim as a partner

Photo: lekhim.ua

Photo: lekhim.ua

Sinovac, a Chinese formulator of the coronavirus vaccine, have explained why they decided to work with the Ukrainian vaccine manufacturer Lekhim.

"We signed a memorandum of cooperation with Lekhim of our own free will in May 2020. We also gave Lekhim a power of attorney to represent our interests in Ukraine," said Ihor Mozolevich, Director of Business Development at Sinovac in Europe.

According to him, Sinovac has not received any instructions from the Ukrainian government to cooperate with anyone.

"With members of the government: the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Health, my colleagues and I met once during the teleconference call on December 25. The call was also attended by employees of the Ukrainian Embassy in Beijing. The parties kept minutes and records. No indications of cooperation with Lekhim or anyone else have been recorded," he said.

Mozolevich criticized those media outlets writing that the Ukrainian Ministry of Health allegedly demanded that Sinovac work with Lekhim.

"These journalists are spreading unverified information. Against the background of the pandemic problems' importance, they distract busy people from work," he said.

Recall that earlier a number of media outlets stated that the Ministry of Health allegedly forced Sinovac to work with Lekhim.

Earlier, Lekhim announced that a vaccine against COVID will appear in Ukraine in February.

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