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Instead of Gazprom. Ukraine offers gas assistance to Serbia and Hungary because of gas pipeline accident

Serbia and Hungary are left without Russian gas due to an accident on a new gas pipeline that is a continuation of the TurkStream. As Bulgartransgaz, the operator of Bulgaria's gas systems, reports on its website, a pipe rupture occurred, and the supplies were stopped because of that. Repair teams are working at the site of the accident.

Ukraine states it can help

Quote"The GTS Operator of Ukraine is ready to offer transit capacities to Hungary to minimize the accident consequences for consumers in Hungary and Serbia," Sergiy Makogon, CEO at the GTS Operator of Ukraine, writes in his Facebook account.

In addition, he notes that in order to prevent the occurrence of such troubles, it is important to have "reserve gas pipelines and additional system flexibility", like the Ukrainian GTS has.

Quote"This aspect will always be an advantage over single-pipe ones, let alone underwater routes. This has a significant impact on the safety, reliability and security of gas supplies," he stresses.

Context. Let us recall: Russian Gazprom stopped the gas transit to Hungary through Ukraine on the morning of October 1. This happened even despite the fact that the Ukrainian capacities in the Hungarian direction were contracted until September 30, 2022 in the amount of more than 24.5 million cubic meters per day.

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