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Reitarska St. in Kyiv is a slice of hipster heaven

Photo: onthegrid.city

Photo: onthegrid.city

A 750-word article appearing in the OZY ezine, a media company tailor-made for the Change Generation, has written up a street in downtown Kyiv, explaining what gives it "a distinguished, yet low-key vibe."

The street is Reitarska, a three-block stretch of historic central Kyiv that anchors a neighborhood packed with foreign embassies.

Quote"It’s home to everyone from diplomats and new wave intelligentsia to old-school denizens who’ve been living here in Soviet-style modesty for decades. Still, few people outside of Kyiv have heard of this neighborhood — but that’s likely soon to change," the article says.

According to Ozy author Dan Peleschuk, since the 2014 Revolution, the Reitarska Street neighborhood has fostered a community with a common vision of a more progressive, Western-looking country. 

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