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The last obstacle to the land market: the Rada must vote on 12 resolutions to cancel the reform

The Regulatory Committee recommended the Verkhovna Rada to vote separately on each registered draft resolution to cancel voting for a previously adopted draft law. It is about draft law No. 2194 amending the Land Code and other laws to improve the management and deregulation system in the field of land relations. On July 1, the land reform will come into force in Ukraine.

The Rada approved this draft law on April 28, And after that the people's deputies registered 12 draft resolutions on abolishing this decision.

According to the Verkhovna Rada Regulation, the Head of the Rada cannot sign the adopted law until the parliament has decided on the registered draft resolutions on abolishing the voting for the document.

Additionally. The Page wrote about the land reform: how much will a hectare cost and who will be able to buy it.

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