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The Page is included in the top 5 Ukrainian business media

Rating of online business media in 2021. Photo: prnews.io

Rating of online business media in 2021. Photo: prnews.io

The business media outlet The Page ranked in the top of the best Ukrainian media ranking reporting about business. According to the content marketing platform PRNEWS.IO, our media outlet managed to outperform such competitors as Forbes.ua and NV Business and rank fifth in the list of the most visited ones, kontrakty.ua reports.

  • The outlet Delo.ua (site traffic during the year amounted to 37 million) took the honorable first place in the rating.
  • Next comes the business section of the outlet liga.net (14.23 million views).
  • The resource AIN.ua ranked third (13.39 million visits).
  • The outlet Dilova Stolytsia ranked fourth (12.11 million visits).
  • The Page closes the top 5 (in total, the readers visited our sections 11.7 million times in 2021).

Next on the list are Forbes.ua (7.6 million visits), UBR.ua (6.2 million), kontrakty.ua (5 million), NV Business (4.9 million), RAU (2.8 million) , Capital (2 million), businessua.com (1.7 million), companion.ua (almost 1.6 million), ua.kompass.com — 1.5 million, and Private Entrepreneur (Pryvatnyi Pidpryiemets in Ukrainian)—1.3 million.

The rating compilers relied on data from the analytical service SimilarWeb and on their own catalogue PRNEWS.IO that includes 76,000 Ukrainian and foreign online media. The research covered the period from January to December 2021.

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