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Ukrainians were promised bulletproof Internet access through Starlink: where and how

Public Wi-Fi will be launched in Ukraine so that people can access the Internet even if electricity is out. This was announced by Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

According to him, the first public Wi-Fi access points will be available in November. Connectivity will be provided through Starlink Internet terminals, which Ukraine will receive from Poland in the near future. The package will include 1,570 Starlink terminals.

Quote"Now we are thinking of ways to provide citizens with the most stable connection possible in the event of a power outage. Without electricity, neither cell towers nor fixed Internet providers work in some regions. We understand the situation of each provider, how many generators and batteries they buy, and how we can help," said Fedorov.

The minister emphasized that the possibility of providing Ukraine with "bulletproof access points in any situation" through the use of Tesla Powerwall and Starlink is now being considered. This will make it possible to ensure public communication regardless of the operation of the power grid.

The exact number of such access points has not yet been announced.

Quote"Now we are making several test spots, and then we will look at their work and scale it up," Fedorov noted.

Context. On Monday morning, October 31, Russia launched another missile strike on Ukraine. As a result, several regions were left without light and communication.

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