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Without new attacks, the energy system will have been stabilized by next summer, says the minister of energy

Provided that there will be no more shelling, Ukraine’s energy system can be stabilized by next summer. Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko said this in an interview with Forbes.

Quote"The swiftness of restoration is related to attacks. If there are no more attacks, even given the generation facilities that have been damaged to date, we will have stabilized the system by next summer. We have a list of solutions that will enable us to do it," he said.

Halushchenko added that the most critical situation with the power supply is now in Kyiv. However, things are gradually improving.

Context. On the night of December 19, the Russian occupation army launched another attack on Kyiv and the Kyiv region with Shahed loitering munitions (in Russia, they are marked "Geran-2").

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